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08/20/11 - I have downsized my aviary & am presently only breeding multi-generations of ara ararauna x ara macao x ara macao hybrids. I do not breed Scarlet macaws, although I keep them as pets. I do not sell any of my yellow dominant hybrid offspring, so please don't ask me for them. The very few I get are held back for future breeding. Production here is very low, in general, due to the nature of the hybrid crosses I am working with. This is just a hobby and I am not in the business of selling birds. If you are looking for a Camelot, Capri or any other similar hybrid, I recommend that you check the avian classifieds on the internet for what you are looking for. I generally do not respond to emails asking about purchasing birds as I rarely have any available.

8/30/10 - Just put up a page with pix, taken this past week, or so, of our parent fed Camelot Macaw, hatched 7/15/09 and handfed Camelina Macaw, hatched on 8/27/09. Have a first peek here at our young Camelina & Camelot Macaw pair. I also uploaded a few pix taken on 8/21/10 of our youngest baby Capri Macaw hatched on 6/16/10 and our youngest baby Camelot Macaw hatched on 6/24/10, who is rather unusual.

2/07/09 - Check out some pretty pix of Capri Macaws, Sunkist & Blondie together.

11/26/08 - New pix just posted of 4 month old hybrid Camelina Macaw, Sundance!

9/13/08 - New pictures have finally been taken of **Spice**, our hybrid Scarlet x Shamrock macaw with the incredible pink wings.

2/20/08 - Meet spectacular, yellow dominant Capri Macaw, Blondie!

8/25/07 - Just added, new pix of 8 yr old yellow dominant Camelot Macaw, Sunshine

1/01/07 - Our 4 Beautiful Capri Macaws have a Family Photo Album. Click on the following links to see the most recent pictures of them - Capri Macaws page # 01 , Capri Macaws page # 02 and Capri Macaws page # 03 and Capri Macaws page # 04

11/18/06 - Take a peek at the brand new photo page featuring our most recent addition, astoundingly pretty, Catalina Macaw hen, Marilyn. She knows she's good looking, and just loves to pose for the camera.

8/02/06 - Check out new pix of Gorgeous 4 month old hybrid Capri Macaw, Flame, hatched on 3/30/06 to parents Camelot Macaw, Topaz & Scarlet Macaw, Andy. This red dominant Capri is breathtakingly beautiful with brilliant out of this world colors!

5/22/06 - Just taken - new pix of 15 month old Capri Macaw, Sunkist, plus new pix
of 3rd generation yellow dominant hybrid macaws Sunkist & Sunshine together

9/24/05 - Welcome Home (after 3-1/2 yrs) proven 1st generation Camelot Macaw pair - Scarlet Macaw, Gabriel & Catalina Macaw, Lily & their 2 yr. old parent raised Camelot Macaw daughter, Autumn.

7/22/05 - All new pix were taken of stunning red dominant Camelot Macaw, Joseph.

5/13/05 - Check out Scarlet & Capri Macaws Adventures in the Master Birdroom

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