Many Feathers' Capri Macaws Family Photo Album #4
Capri Macaw brother & sister, Sunkist & Flame
2 yr old, orange Capri Macaw, Sunkist, with little sister
9 month old red Capri Macaw, Flame on 12/28/06

Capri Macaws, Flame & Sunkist
Flame has begun her baby molt, evident in all of her pix on this page taken on 12/28/06

Orange Capri Macaw, Sunkist w/ red little sister, Flame

Sunkist & Flame

Capri Macaw, Sunkist, flying
Sunkist Flying
Sunkist taking off

Capri Macaw, Sunkist
2 yr old Capri Macaw, Sunkist, on 12/28/06

Room-mates, but not cage-mates, beautiful Capri Macaws, Sunkist & Flame are very different colored siblings born a little over a year apart. Both were parent hatched by their Camelot Macaw mother & Scarlet Macaw father, and then handraised.
They are fun loving, and strong willed with minds of their own.
All pix on this page were taken inside at night with a flash on 12/28/06, hybrid macaws, camelot macaw

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