Catalina Macaws


By far, the most popular and sought after hybrid macaw in the world,
the Catalina Macaw combines the best of both parents, with the friendliness of the Blue & Gold Macaw, the intelligence of the Scarlet Macaw, and the beauty of both. The first generation Catalina coloration is dominated by the Blue & Gold half of the mix, but with brilliant orange contour feathers where previously there were yellow, and variations of greens, blues & hints of yellow on the upper coverts & center tail feathers. Second and multiple generation coloration is more difficult to predict, as the offspring do not necessarily replicate the coloring of the first generation parents.

The Catalina Macaw is a hybrid cross between a Scarlet with a Blue & Gold macaw.
It doesn't really matter which species is the male & which one is the female in the mix.
They come out beautiful either way!

Catalina Macaw - Awesome

Catalina Macaw Hen - Marilyn
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