Capri Macaws
Capri Macaw brothers, Phoenix & Sunkist
Capri Macaw, Phoenix, & brother, Sunkist taken 12/03/06 * Click for more pix

Capri Macaws - Scarlet Macaws of Another Color

A Capri Macaw is a 3rd generation hybrid cross between a Camelot & a Scarlet macaw. A Camelot is a 2nd generation hybrid cross of a Catalina (Scarlet x Blue & Gold Macaw) to a Scarlet Macaw.

Not all Capri Macaws are the same. My pair that produced the beautiful Capri Macaws that are featured here are a male Scarlet Macaw with a wide yellow band (who is the clutch brother of my Scarlet hen, Hobbs,) & a yellow dominant Camelot Macaw, whose Scarlet Macaw father has a wide yellow band. In order to produce truly outstanding Capri Macaws, you need the large amount of yellow in the ancestry of both parents. A green Camelot Macaw paired to a Scarlet Macaw with a narrow yellow band will not produce the exceptional colors of my Capris. A red Camelot Macaw paired to a Scarlet Macaw will produce red offspring that look like Scarlet Macaws with a little variation in color.

A Capri Macaw is genetically 7/8 Scarlet Macaw, and consequently is predisposed to have the Scarlet Macaw temperament, especially as it matures. Sometimes they are sweet when babies, but not always; (more about this will be posted later.) If you do not have lots of large macaw experience, and are not comfortable with Scarlet Macaws, this IS DEFINITELY NOT the bird for you!

2/20/08 - Meet Capri Macaw, "Blondie," the youngest member of Many Feathers' Capri Macaw family!

Yellow Dominant Capri Macaw, Blondie

Hybrid Capri Macaw, Blondie
Blondie, who hatched on 5/07/07, is not related to our other 4 Capri Macaws.
Blondie's mother is a high yellow Camelot Macaw. Her father is the Scarlet.
That's where Blondie got her spectacular colors from!
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Sunkist & Phoenix
Little brother, Sunkist hanging out with older brother, Phoenix on 12/03/06
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Capri Macaw brothers, Sunkist on top & Liberty below
More pix of the boys can be seen Here

Capri Macaw siblings, Sunkist & Flame
2 yr old Capri Macaw, Sunkist & 9 mo old sister, Flame
Here are more pix

Baby Capri Macaw, Flame
Baby Capri Macaw, Flame, on 6/01/06

Capri Macaw brothers, Phoenix & Liberty
Liberty & Phoenix on 6/19/05
Check out their Adventures in the Master Birdroom

15 mo. old Capri Macaw, Sunkist
15 month old Capri Macaw, Sunkist on 5/22/06

11 month old hybrid Capri Macaw, Phoenix
Phoenix on 6/19/05

Capri Macaw, Liberty
Liberty on 6/19/05

Meet our 3 vivacious & beautiful strawberry blonde Capri Macaws,
Liberty & Phoenix & Sunkist

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Capri Macaws, Liberty & Phoenix
12/05/04 - Capri Macaws, Liberty (admiring himself in the mirror) & 4-1/2 mo. old Phoenix

Liberty & 5 week old baby, Phoenix
8/24/04 - 5 week old Phoenix crouches when Liberty comes to visit

Capri Macaws
8/24/04 - Liberty lovingly preens 5 week old baby Phoenix's tail.

Capri Macaw & Umbrella Cockatoo

7/04/04 - Pippy (aka: Pipsqueak) teaches Liberty what it takes to be a bully.
Elevation is paramount in the pecking order. Puffing up helps make for big and scary., hybrid macaws, camelot macaw

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