Many Feathers' Capri Macaws Family Photo Album #1
Capri Macaw brothers, Phoenix & Sunkist

Capri Macaws, Sunkist with wings spread, & older brother Phoenix

Capri Macaws, Sunkist & Phoenix

Sunkst & Phoenix

Capri Macaw, Sunkist
Sunkist Close-up

Capri Macaw, Phoenix
Phoenix Close-up

Back view of Phoenix
Check out that Beautiful orange-yellow tail!
Capri Macaw, Phoenix

Phoenix Kissing Sunkist 1

Phoenix Kissing Sunkist 2

The photos above are of 2 yr old hybrid Capri Macaw, Sunkist and
2-1/2 yr old brother, Phoenix, in what is left of the lace curtains in the bedroom.
Phoenix is the lovie dovie kissing Sunkist in the pix. He really loves his brothers.
Phoenix has bright yellow upper wing covert feathers much like a Scarlet macaw.
Sunkist has the wider all over yellow cape & his yellow coverts are edged in lime.
Sunkist has 24" long center tail feathers with 6 yellow tail feathers total.
Phoenix looks like an orange Scarlet Macaw with an orange-yellow tail.
All pix were taken inside at night with a flash on 12/03/06

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