Adventures in the Master Birdroom
Capri Macaw Flying
5/07/05 - stunt pilot, 9-1/2 month old Capri Macaw, Phoenix,
Wows brother, Liberty, & admirer, Aphrodite with his high drama take offs.

Scarlet & Capri Macaws

Scarlet Macaw, Aphrodite, dresssed to kill
Dressed to Kill

Scarlet Macaw, Aphrodite
and vieing for Phoenix's complete attention,
petite Scarlet Macaw, Aphrodite, stalks her adversary

Scarlet Macaw, Aphrodite intimidating Capri Macaw, Liberty
Capri Macaw, Liberty, senses
Trouble Brewing

Aphrodite stalks Liberty
Here she comes!

Liberty & Aphrodite
it's a stand off

Scarlet Macaw, Aphrodite
Aphrodite Emerges Victorious

All photos above taken on 5/07/05 at night with a flash, hybrid macaws, camelot macaw

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