Red Dominant Camelot Macaw, * Joseph *
Red Dominant Camelot Macaw, Joseph

Joseph scratches his head

Joseph preens his feathers

Red Camelot Macaw, Joseph
Isn't Joseph phenomenally beautiful?

Unusual Red Camelot markings

Joseph's nape & back

Too beautiful for words

Joseph's spectacular colors & markings are absolutely magnificent!

Camelot Macaw, Joseph

Joseph is a red dominant Camelot Macaw, and one of 3 variously colored sibling macaws at Many Feathers. Joseph was given his name for his beautiful "coat of many colors." He is, without a doubt, the most beautiful red dominant Camelot macaw that I have ever seen.
Joseph, who was not tame when I bought him, is gentle, good-natured & curious.

Photos of Joseph's Yellow Dominant Camelot Macaw brother & sister
in San Diego, CA

All of the photographs on this page were taken on 7/22/05

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