Shamrock X Scarlet Macaw,  Spice

Hybrid Scarlet x Shamrock Macaw
*** Spice ***

Scarlet Hybrid Macaw, Spice

Spice has Beautiful Pink  Flight Feathers

Check Out Spice's Beautiful Wings!!

Scarlet X Shamrock Macaw, Spice!

Hybrid Scarlet Macaw, Spice

This is spectacular 8-1/2 year old hybrid Scarlet x Shamrock Macaw, Spice.
His glowing jewel like colors, red included, are actually iridescent. He nearly sparkles. Spice had just molted 3 tail feathers, so I decided to photograph him before he molted wings, so you could see just how incredible they are.

Spice was originally sold to me as a breeder when he was just 2 years. But, when he matured earlier this summer, he turned out to be a wife beater. So, now he's in the house, as a pet, (and ornamental,) which suits him well. He is actually showing off those lovely wings for the camera intentionally.( He knows he's beautiful!) In fact, he does it on command.

Spice's father is a Scarlet, and his mother is a hybrid Shamrock macaw. Spice's mother has a yellow nape & back, and yellow flight feathers edged with blue. Spice's mother is most likely a Yellow Shamrock, which is a Scarlet x Shamrock hybrid already. Occasionally that combination throws amazingly colorful offspring with yellow backs, and even rarer, with yellow wings, as well.

All pictures on this page were taken inside with a flash on 7/28/08, hybrid macaws, camelot macaw

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