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Many Feathers is a hobby breeder with a small, private, closed aviary
breeding for color, beauty, and love for the birds exclusively, and for my personal collection. Many Feathers, only breeds large macaws, specializing in F3 & F4 generation ara ararauna x ara macao hybrids (predominantly Camelot & Capri Macaws) & keeps other large hookbill species, besides macaws, as companions and family.

The main goal of this site is to provide images of & information about some of the beautiful Camelot, Capri & Hybrid Macaws.
As a lover & caretaker of several of these splendid creatures, I will be periodically uploading images of the various birds & some of their beautiful molted feathers for your viewing pleasure.

Many Feathers has a Global following, with more international visitors daily then we do from the United States. For this reason the site was revised long ago with more images and less text . In this spirit, the visual content communicates in a universal language that everyone viewing the site can appreciate & relate to.

A Warm Hello to Macaw Lovers World Round :-)
from All of Us at Many Feathers!

Please keep in mind:

Many Feathers is an online venue exclusively
with no physical public access.

This site is intended for information & enjoyment only.

"About us" is about the birds! has been on the web since February 2001
Thank You for the Many Years of Support & Appreciation!
You have made the sharing all worth while :-)

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