Hybrid Shamrock x Scarlet Macaw - Spice!


Scarlet x Shamrock Hybrid Macaw
" Spice "

This is "Spice." I spent a long time working on this gif graphic, (which originated from a photograph I took with a lot of background noise) so everyone could enjoy looking at his marvelous wings and all of the beautiful jewel-like feathers on them. I save all of Spice's molted feathers, & will eventually photograph the wing and covert feather pairs that have been collected so far. His feathers have glorious colors with pink & yellow in the flight feathers and iridescent yellow, lime & turquoise in the coverts that are different from those of a Scarlet macaw.

Spice's father is a Scarlet, and his mother is a hybrid Shamrock macaw. Spice's mother has a yellow nape & back, and yellow flight feathers! Spice was the only offspring to turn out with unusual colored flight feathers.

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