Camelot & Catalina Macaws

Kachina & Sunshine
11/16/05 - Camelot Macaw, Sunshine, gets a surprise visit
from Catalina Macaw, Kachina above.

Capri Macaw Brothers
Although a darker shade of orange than the highly prized yellow dominant Camelot Macaws,
the 2 Capri Macaws above are very brilliant because of the striking contrast of their colors.
Not every Capri or Camelot Macaw pair produces the same color youngsters. All are different.
The genetics of the parents determines the markings of the offspring.

The Scarlet macaw father of the siblings above has an extraordinarily wide band of yellow
on his wings, & the yellow dominant Camelot Macaw mother hearkens from a parental lineage
that produced exceptionally beautiful Camelot Macaw offspring during their breeding years.

Hybrid Capri & Camelot Macaw
12/08/05 - Capri Macaw, Liberty, visits with Camelot Macaw, Sunshine.

Capri Macaw Wings
There is nothing quite as breathtaking as the wing span of a macaw., hybrid macaws, camelot macaw

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