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Gallery of Exquisite & Rare Macaw Feathers

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Sometime over the upcoming weeks I will be photographing & adding all new pictures of spectacular looking macaw feathers, collected over the past few years, that are not yet presently displayed in the gallery above. Many are tail feathers from exquistely colored hybrid macaws. There will also be pix of several entire collections of matched covert & contour feathers from individual hybrid & Scarlet macaws that you have never seen anywhere else before. Please bear with me, as my days are generally long and busy, and I have to free up the time to work on this.

Please be advised: The pictures above are strictly an online gallery & the photographs are intended for your information & enjoyment only. Some of the feathers in the pix above have been used in more than one photograph for artistic impact, and some belong to other individuals. Needless to say,
The macaw feathers on this page above are NOT for sale.
The pictures are strictly for your viewing pleasure.

BTW - I am working on another feather site
that I hope to have up and running sometime soon (maybe.), hybrid macaws, camelot macaw

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