Camelot Macaw, Katherine & Scarlet Macaw, George

Yellow Dominant Camelot Macaw hen with Scarlet Macaw male

This is gorgeous yellow & orange dominant Camelot Macaw, Katherine & her beautiful companion, Scarlet Macaw, George. They are both exceptionally brilliantly colored and look just awesome together. Before acquiring each of them, a couple years apart, Katherine was proven with a green hybrid macaw. I had previously retired Katherine from breeding because she kept laying "fertile-dead-in-shell," a fairly common multiple generation hybrid macaw phenomena due to the incompatible chromosome differences between the original macaw species. Scarlet Macaw, George, who was lonely fell in love with her, so they are now together for companionship. Katherine is Camelot Macaw, Sky Walker's mother.

Katherine nuzzles George

Katherine & George

Camelot Macaw & Scarlet Macaw

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